Sunday, November 25, 2007

Short and Sweet

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Short and sweet:

Fri and Sat. off

1A. Burpee + Front Squat 12kg/10 X 2
1B. 1H Overhead Press 16kg/3, 12kg/5
2A. Pistols 10/2-3 ea. X 2
2B. Push ups holding handle x/8 slow X 2
3A. Snatches 12kg/15 ea. X 2
3B. Russian Twist 12kg/15 ea.
3C. Crunches-Over chest hold 12kg/10 slow

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving to All

Guess I felt just a tad bit guilty for skipping the 3 days last week or I could have been just preparing for the feasts I am about to consume for Thanksgiving, but I have had three good days of moving. And that, I am thankful for.

I must say...I am loving interval training. I am done so fast and still feel like I can get up and go. Its nothing like the old days of 30 min+ of running and then dragging myself back to work tired and winded. My joints and back are loving me now. For those who still push themselves through long slow distance workouts, try to think outside your realm and read this article by Kurt J. Wilkens, RKC. If you aren't convinced, try reading Al Sears' books: PACE or The Doctor's Heart Cure. It is time saving and better for you than pounding pavement day after day.

Monday 11-19 with Mary:
1A. Front Squats 12 kg/15 X 2
1B. One leg Push up with Kick back x/10 X 2
2A. Stationary Lunge with 1 Arm Overhead Press 12kg/10 ea. X 2
2B. Pull ups x/5 X 2
3A. Overhead 1 Arm Hold Plus Squat 8-12kg/6
3B. Russian Twist
4A. High Row Swing 12kg/10 ea.
4B. Roll Ups 8kg/10

Tues.: Off

Wednesday 11-21:
Warm up 3 min.
6X30 sec. on Ellipse. 30 sec. rest between
Cool down 1 min.
Swings: 2H-12kg/20, 1H-12kg/15,
HIGH Row Swing: 1H-12kg/10
Snatches: 3 sets 12kg/10-15
Get-ups: 12kg/2 ea., 16kg/2 ea.

Thursday (Thanksgiving): Early...couldn't sleep:
Warm-up 3 min jog
6 X 30 sec. sprints 1 min. rest
Cool down 2 min jog

Happy eating and enjoy the time with friends and family.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Longtime No Workout

Three days off this week (M, T, W). I didn't intend to take so much time off but my body feels good and my eating is pretty clean (minus the burger and fries I inhaled Friday). Got in some intervals on Thursday, took off Friday (again) and a good strength session today (Saturday). Lovin' these kettlebells.

I have also been looking into the Warrior Diet. Can't say I am following it yet but I have cut back on breakfast. Decaf coffee in the morning with milk and stevia and kefir midmorning. Lunch has been chili or soup...nothing to bready. I do feel more alive and am able to move with my clients better (not weighed down by oatmeal anymore). My brain doesn't feel as cluttered either. Hey, maybe there is something to it. I hate to even admit that I am looking into something called a diet. Hate the idea but if it straightens out my thinking then I may stick with it.

Thursday's intervals:
Z warm-up, Pumps
1. Swings 2H for 30, 40, 50 with 12kg (3 sets)
2. Swings 2H for 20, 30, 40 with 16kg (3 sets)
Did 1 minute of jump rope after each swing for 30 sec. and swing again
3. One arm snatches 10 reps with 12kg for 3 sets each arm.
Same jump rope sequence
4. Get-ups 5 reps ea. with 12 kg

Saturday's Strength:
Z Warm-up, Halos, Pumps
1A. One sided Squat Press 12kg/5, 16kg/5, 16kg/5
1B. Chin/Pull/Staggered Grip Ups x/5, x/5, x/5
2A. Swing/Snatch Combo (Alternate) 12kg/10 ea. each arm X 2
2B. Turkish Get-ups 12kg/2 ea., 16kg/2 ea. (Yeah! First time with problem.)
3A. Roll-ups 8kg/10 X 2
3B. 1-Legged Cross Body Deadlift 12kg/8 X 2

I can't remember the last time I was this excited to workout and train others. Thank goodness I was led down this path. Tim and James, if you read this, thank you times a million! Shawn

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Swing Time

Took off yesterday to rest. I was feeling my swings and snatches from Friday. It was the first time I tackled the 16kg for a swing workout. Whoa. What a difference 4kg will make.
My back has really felt better since Fridays workout. I attribute that to doing a proper z warmup and stretching at the end. Without it, it seems like I am all out of whack. So much for shortcuts.

I can't remember whether I mentioned this before but we are under contract to buy a new house (new to us at least). It has a massive backyard with a pool. I would really like to build a gym/apartment in a separate structure. Time to start saving some moolah!

Z warmup
30 sec.-45 sec. rest between sets
1. 2H swings 12kg 20 X 3 sets
2. 2H swings 16kg 20 X 3 sets
3. 1H swing, High row (alternate) 12kg 5 ea. (each side) X 2 sets
4. 1H swing, High row (alternate) 16kg 5 ea. (each side) X 2 sets
5. Snatches 12kg 10 each X 2 sets
5 Turkish Get-ups each side

Today (Sunday):
Z warmup
1A. Front Squat 1-side 8 X 2 12 kg
1B. Pinwheel Pushups (side plank into pushup) Hold 3 sec. at top with 3-0-3 tempo 8 X 2
2a. Clean and Press 5 X 1 12kg, 3 X 1 16kg
2B. 1 arm rows 5X2 16kg
3A. Two legged deadlift 8 X 2 16 kg
3B. Woodchops 8 X 2 12 kg.

Beautiful day here in Wilmington. Hope to get outside with Kai for some playtime.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Practice Makes Better

Things are looking up. Tommy and I have our present house under contract to sell and our offer for another house has been accepted. Now everything is moving along quick. We should be in by mid December if all goes well. Here is Tues. and Wed. work:

1A. Pullups 4X5 reps slow
1B. Pistols 4X2 6lb. ball
Pistols were so hard today. I have some hangup in my left glute and my lower back has been sore this week. Those combined just wouldn't allow me to get back up easily on the left foot. I did some Z and it helped a bit.
2A. Snatches many sets with 8kg and 12kg...didn't count really. My form is getting much better and I am not making any new significant bruises. The old ones still hurt a bit but I will get over that.
2B. Windmills 4X4-5 reps 12kg

Swings and Snatches. 2Handed, 1 Handed, 2 bells, 1 handed snatches...various numbers...enough to get my heart rate up and practice some.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Nap time equals Work time

It is official. I am completely worn out. The last week of little sleep, selling the house, being nurse and being mom has taken its toll on my energy...hence the lack of workout time. But this morning was different. Tommy let me sleep in till 945 since Kai was up from330-630 this morning crying...why, I don't know. So I was up for a workout at nap time today. Here goes:

Z warm up
Halos, Light Swings and Pumps

1A. Clean and Squats 2 X 10 2-18kgs
1B. Pushups (hands on ball of bell for instability) 2 X 10
2A. Swing, Clean, Squat and See-Saw Press 2 X 8ea. 2-18kgs (wanted to get crazy...heart pumper)
2B. 1 Arm Rows 2 X 6 2-18kgs
3A 1 Leg Deadlifts 2 X 8ea. 2-18kgs
3B. Woodchops 2 X 8 ea. 12kg.
Elbow Plank 2 minutes
Side (1-arm) Plank 1 min. ea.

This afternoon or tomorrow: plan on practicing snatches, windmills, and get ups
We shall see what the day holds.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Raw Feet and Crickets

Got another late session in today after Kai went to sleep. After work today I really started craving a workout under the stars (I know it sounds a bit nerdy). It was so beautiful and quiet out tonight. All you could hear was the sound of the jump rope whistling in the air. Despite my bare feet pounding on the pavement and the speed rope stinging my toes on the mess ups, it really felt good to move even if it wasn't the hardest session ever.

Today's practice:
3 min. jump rope warm up
[20 2 handed swings 12 kg
20 sec. rest
1 min. jump rope]
Repeat the swings rest jump rope 6 times
2 min jump rope cool down

Practice snatches and windmills. I didn't count or care how many I got. I am just working on technique now.