Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Practice, Practice, Practice

I am really starting to get in the groove with snatches. Did some quick intervals today to get the ticker ticking:

3sets ea. with 12kg. No rest between SS
1a. High Row 10 ea.
1b. Burpee Hops 10

2a. Snatches 10 ea.
2b. Hopping Pushups (Plyos) 20 (you could probably only slide a sheet of paper between my hands and the floor but I still counted them.)

Back to what pays the bills.....

Monday, January 28, 2008

Workout #3

Today was workout #3...focus on Clean and Squats. I unfortunately took off the last three days over the weekend. Just couldn't get myself to pick up a kb.

Today: Did Z in morning and short one before workout
2 Circuits
All C & S done with 12kg for 6 rep ea. side.
1. C & S
2. Swings 16kg 25 reps
3. C & S
4. C & Press 16kg 4 reps (4th was very tough...had to cheat a little with the legs)
5. C & S
6. TGUs 12kg 5 ea.
7. C & S
8. Snatch 12kg 16 reps
9. C & S

Yesterday. Full Z...lovin my Z Drills. I can really tell my body is balancing out more.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Shoulder Practice

I am suprised I could raise my arm at dinner tonight after today's workout. I am not sore at all (not yet, at least) but my arms are quite tired. Workout felt great...this is #2 on the Brett Jones plan.

All C and Ps done with 12kg for 6 reps ea. Did circuit 2 times
1. Clean and Press
2. Swings 16kg 20 reps
3. C and P
4. Clean and Front Squat (1H) 12kg 8 reps ea. side
5. C and P
6. TGUs 16kg 3 reps
7. C and P
8. Snatches 12 kg 15 reps ea.
9. C and P

Took about 17 minutes per circuit. Very little rest in between sets. Forearms are a little bruised. I've never done so many cleans in one workout before.

Yesterday's conditioning:
6 rounds
1.5 minutes hard jump rope with 10 squat thrusts back to back. Enough rest in between to catch breath

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Brett Jones to the Rescue

Someone upstairs must have been listening because my wishes were answered while reading the latest issue of Hard Style. Brett Jones laid out a training plan that focuses on RKC prep. So I am leaving my plan in the dust and following his instead. I figure he is where he is for a reason. So today I did workout #1 which focuses on swings. I started thinking it was going to be no big deal. "Do 1-3 cicuits" he said, "5-8 reps" he said. Well, 2 circuits was enough! And I stuck to 5-6 reps for everything except swings. I feel great now that its over but wow, didn't think it would kick my tail that much.

Cicuit Style: 30 sec. between sets, all done with 12kg
1. 2H Swings 30 first set, 20 second set
2. Clean and Press 6 reps
3. Swings
4. Clean and Front Squat (1 sided)
5. Swings
6. TGU 5 ea.
7. Swings
8. Snatches
9. Swings
Each set took about 17:30 min. 5 min. between circuits to regroup and remind myself why I put myself through this. LOVE IT!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Ice Cube Training

Spent part of today's workout outside in the freezing weather with my friend Katie. She is a great training partner due to her uncanny ability to push my buttons and push me physically. It was her first time with kbs so I was teaching a bit too. I went a little lighter today (didn't want to show you up, Katie...Ha!) Here was our workout:

1a. Overhead carries, Rack caries, farmer walks...all one min. ea. on R/L
1b. Swings: 3 sets

2a. Front Squat with OH Press- 1 side
2b. Pushup with a partner hand shake in between
3a. Squat Thrust with a kb catch
3b. One sided Renegade Rows (one person in plank, other person using them as a bench...leaning)
4a. Push Me 1min (traded off who gave more resistance)
4b. Inchworm and Crabwalks
5. Get Ups 3 ea. side

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Walks and Swings

Grip Strength galore!!!!!!!!! My forearms are swollen right now after finishing today's practice.
Full Z in morning:

All with 16kg zero to minimal rest in between sets:
1A. 1H Overhead Carry 1 min right/1 min. left
1H Rack Carry 1 min R/1 min L
1H Farmer Walk 1 min R/ 1 min L
1B. 2H Swings 20 reps X 5 sets
Repeat 1A. and 1B.
Total of 200 swings
Lats are feeling it!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Working the Plan

Today's Practice:
1. Snatches 12kg 15/15 3 sets
2a. Front Lunge with 1 Arm Overhead Press 12kg 6/6 3 sets
2b. Alternating Leg pushups 10 3 sets
3a. Windmills 12kg(top) 5/5 1 set
3b. Get ups 12kg 5/5 1 set
Planning on finishing the last two sets of #3 later today.

Monday, January 14, 2008

The Plan

I realized today that I need a good plan for RKC. Although I am practicing regularly again, I still don't feel as focused as I could be. So I am going to take the KISS approach and be efficient and consistent. One thing I do know is that I need a bit of flexibility. I am not real good at setting a weekly schedule. I just know what needs to get done and I do it when I can. So today I started out with Strength.

1. Pullups 3 X 5 sets
2a. One sided front squat 16kg 5ea./3
2b. One arm overhead press 16kg 4/3
3a. Squat Thrusts with Hike up 16kg 10/2
3b. Hindu Pushups 5/2
I wanted to get 3 sets for #3s but nap time for Kai was over too quick and I had to go back to work
If anyone knows what 3a. is actually called let me know...its when you up row the bell and catch it.

Next training will concentrate on conditioning with swings and snatches. Until then I will be working on my plan.

PS.. Welcome back Mari

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Back on Attack

Finally back to a normal workout schedule although I have not taken the time to post it. During the move (of houses) I was finding it hard to juggle everything. The workouts got put on the back burner for about 2 weeks while we painted and got things settled. When I did get back to training, putting it on the web was just not going to happen. So here I am...back on attack...trying to get ready for RKC in April. I made my reservations so I am locked in. Now I just have to hope not to get pregnant before I go.

So here is today:
2H Swings 16kg 20/5
2H Swings 16kg 10/5
light jogs around the pool in between sets
150 total

One Arm Press 16kg 4/2 sets
Get Ups 12kg 5/2 ea.
Plank 1 min/3 sets