Sunday, October 26, 2008

Back to Walking

In my detest for doing long slow distance, the baby in my belly has summoned me back to walking for exercise. I am trying to get in at least two long walks per week in addition to at least two strength and conditioning sessions.

Walked about 4.5 miles

Today: 10/26/08
Circuit, rest at end...felt phenomenal. Best in a while. Used 12kg for all.
1. Clean, Press and Overhead Squat 5R/5L
2. Plank-1 Arm Rows 6R/6L
3. 1 Legged Deadlift 5R/5L
4. Power Wheel (2 separate ones) Rollouts 10
Icing on the cake: H2H Swings: 6 rounds X 30 sec. ea.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Prego: About 10 Weeks, baby is the size of a kumquat
Weight: 132.5-Gain of 1lb, Not showing to anyone except me.
Energy: Picking up but still tired midday

Today's Practice: 3 Sets, Rest as needed
1. Sandbag Lunges-Alternating Shoulders 8R/8L
2. Staggered Grip Pullups 5
3. 1/2 Get up with Press at bottom 16kg X 5, 4, 3 ea. arm
4. H2H Swings 16kg X 20

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Few and Far Between

It is a totally different experience being pregnant the second time. When Kai was coming along, I had my face in a book reading about babies and pregnancy all the time. Now I barely have a moment to remember that I am pregnant. It is all I can do to remember to take my vitamins, folic acid and omega 3's. In addition, working out has not been top priority for me this week. I have slipped a bit but for good reason. My butt has just been to tired.

Nevertheless, I found some energy today (after Kai's 2nd birthday party) for a slow workout. Felt good.

Today's Practice: 3 Rounds
1. Squat Catch to Front Lunge 12kg, 6R/L
2. Clean and Press 12kg, 5 R/L
3. Deep Overhead Squat Dowel Rod, 8 reps
4. KB Bent Row 12kg, 6 R/L
5. 1-Leg Cross Body Deadlift 12kg 6R/L

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Battling the Energy Suckage

Besides seeing two lines on my stick, there is only one other issue that is reminding me of my pregnancy. Lack of energy. I remember this well from the first go round. Wake up and making it through morning session, only to be greeted by an energy suckage after lunch time. This is why I have only worked out 2 times in the past week. Even when I finally find time and get going, my heart rate is higher, recovery slower, and I just feel like stopping mid way through the workout. Think my body is trying to tell me something?

It is extremely important not to get overheated during pregnancy, especially the first trimester. Temperatures about 102.6 degrees F can increase the risk of central nervous system abnormalities in the fetus. This takes me back to a 100 degree day last pregnancy when I went walking with a friend. Although my son turned out just fine, I just knew I should have stayed home that day. I was completely hot and exhausted. Smart girl doing a stupid thing.

So today's practice was as follows: 3 Rounds
1. 1H, 2 KB Deadlift (in center hang position) 12kg X 2, 8 reps each.
2. Renegade Rows with a Pushup 20 lb dbs, 4 ea.
3. Clean and Press 12kg, 5 reps ea.
4. Swings 2H, 16kg, 15 reps
And pooped out.

Weight: 131.0 lbs.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Baby On the Way!

Number 2! Tommy and I super excited to add another awesome kid to our family. I am going to chronicle my pregnancy while still playing with the kettlebell in hopes that someone else may find the info useful. I may end up making this a blog in its own so be aware of an address change.

To start off, we just found out this weekend so the news is extremely new and just starting to soak in. I thought about waiting until after the first trimester to tell everyone but that wouldn't allow me to post and keep track so that others could see how training might change. So wish me luck that everything goes as planned!

Hopefully I will get to train today. After finding out I just stopped doing anything (since Saturday, today being Tuesday). But today, despite the lack of energy, I am going to pick my bum up and move.

Today's Practice: 4 sets
Clean and Squat and Press 12kg X 2 5/5/4/4
Pullups 5/5/4/4
TGU 12kg 4/4/3/3
Swings Transfers 16kg X 20 reps
Not alot of energy and my heart rate seems to be high today.

I am going to try to keep up with pics so here is one to start:

Friday, August 22, 2008

New Blog Page

I have started a new blog page ( to try and focus on business instead of my own training. The newest post is entitled "A Positive Life Spreads"

I will be posting on both but will probably put the meaty stuff on the other one and keep this one for my training. We'll see how it goes.

1. 2H Swings 24kg 30 sec on/30 sec. off
2. TGU 16kg 4 ea. side
3. 2H Swings 20 kg 30 sec on/30 sec. off
4. TGU 12 kg 4 ea. side
5. Transfer Swings 16 kg 30 sec. on/30 sec. off
6. TGU 8kg 4 ea. side

I just love the basics!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

2 Days till FMS

I am super psyched to get back up to Minnesota for CK-FMS. Just being up there with all that good energy is enough to keep me running strong for a while.

If you have not gotten my latest email, HeadSTRONG Athletics has kicked off. I sent out info on my upcoming classes this morning and have gotten great response already. See my side panel if you did not receive an email and call asap 910-231-5011!!!!

It has been a battle to get a workout in this week. Besides trying to do as much as possible before I leave, it has been so stinking hot in Wilmington (today was 107 heat index with a swamp load of humidity). So I have been sprinting in the pool in hopes to stay cool. But today, I finally hit the A/C and worked my tail off for a good spin.

4 Rounds: Simple and Sinister:
1. Clean, Squat and See-Saw Press 12kg X 2 5 reps
2. TGU 16kg 2R/2L
3. 2H Swings 20kg 20 reps

New Logo:

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Same as it ever was

5 sets:
1. Clean Squat and Press 12kgX2/5
2 Sets:
2A. Windmill with Press at Top 12kgX2/5R/5L
2B. TGU 16kg 3R/3L
3. Snatches, 12kg continuous for 5 rounds of 10R/10L (about 4:15 min, slow)

2-2 minute sets of Push-me/Pull-me Suicides (quad burner!) with partner and 2-2 minute sets of Quick Steps on bench

This one is for Tim who asked what I was standing on for the top picture: Don't doubt me, fireman!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Back on the Rope

Sunday's Workout: 4 rounds
1. Sandbag Clean and Lunge, alternating shoulders 10 reps
2. Pushups 10
3. Sandbag Push Press alternating shoulders 6R/6L
4. Heavy Rope Velocity, variations 30 sec.

Monday's Workout: 4 Rounds of Tabata
Alternated between kb swings/snatches and rope variations.
Kicked my butt!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sprint Baby

Three Rounds of Tabata throughout the day when I had time.

10-20 sec. sprints (running) with 40 sec. rest

Monday, July 21, 2008


I am going back to the basics this week and doing the RKC Minimum to give my body a little rest.

Transfer Swings 12kg for 1 min work/10 sec rest for 12 min.
TGU 12kg for 5 minutes (8 per side)

Used my new Gymboss. Worked like a charm.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Gymboss is the Bomb

For those of you who have not ever used the Gymboss Interval Timer, I highly recommend it. I go so sick of trying to do Tabata Protocols using my Ironman watch that I finally broke down and got a Gymboss. Now I can do swings or snatch variations without ever having to look at my watch (which really gets in the way when snatching). The Gymboss allows you to set two different interval periods so your work/rest can be different. I thought it was going to be bigger but I was pysched to find out that it actually clips on your (fill in the blank, pants) so you can run, jump and boogie with it. So get your Gymboss today!

Practice this week:
A repeat of my Awesome workout at an earlier hour in the day. Much harder the second time.

Tabata for three rounds:
First two rounds: Swing Variations
Third Round: Side Shuffles and In Place Hopscotch

Today: Off and Ice Cream

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Grind that Stretch and 20kg Press

Ever since going through RKC in April, my squat has bothered me. It just gets me that I cannot go rock bottom without my pelvis tilting. In the technique challenge I had to stand wide and stop short just so I wouldn't tilt. I also have this hangup about stretching. Yes, it is something that I do for my clients; some of who see great strides and some of who (you know who you are Twisted Steel) have not changes in three years. I just can't seem to make it a big part of my program. I thought Z Drills would do the trick. They have helped a ton but I am still having issues. I want a rock bottom squat and a solid pistol. So I have started prying, grinding, wall squatting and working on my technique to get there. This will be an off day promise.

Other than that I did a few GTGs just to move a bit: Hanging leg raises, Full body roll outs (working on getting out without putting my knees down), and pistols (oh, pistols...Lefty is a bitch.)

Also had a PR today. Pressed the 20kg for 1R/L X 2! Doing it on the TGU really fired me up!

Adding this photo of my son. We had a spectacular trip in the mountains over July 4th. This is one that may get blown up.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Go away kettlebell (for a day)

Did a quick calisthenics/light equipment workout in Tabata fashion after work. Needed to lay off the kbs after snatching my hands to death yesterday. They are on the brink of blisters and are so tender that I can't even imagine swinging one today. My left knee has also been bugging me for the last few days. It started after doing a morning routine last week of jump rope, bench hop ups, hop overs, burpees and other fun bouncing moves. So of course in my "ignore it now, pay later" way, I went ahead and bothered it some more. Off to ice it.

4 rounds of Tabata calisthenics (20 sec. on/10 sec. off for 8 sets each round>4 minutes ea. round):
Round 1: Hindu squats and Pushups
Round 2: Front Lunges and Tube Rows
Round 3: Jump Squats and Bar Twists
Round 4: Mountain Climbers and Ball Slams
1 set of TGU's 20kg/2R/2L just because I can. Love that!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

20kg TGU

I just had a awesome session yesterday. Could have been that I wasn't on a time limit or maybe that I was the only person in the gym but nevertheless, I just felt better and stronger than ever. Went like this:

Full Z warmup
4 sets:
1A. 1H Snatch to Overhead Squat 12kg/5L/5R
1B. Renegade Rows 20 lbs dbs X 2/ 5L/5R
3 Sets:
2A. Windmills with Press at top 12kg X 2 5R/5L
2B. Squat Catch (with full squat between) 20kg/5
3A. TGU 16kg 3R/3L (1 set), 20kg 1R/1L (2 sets)
3B. 1H Swings 20kg/10R/10L

This was my first attempt at the 20kg for TGUs. Felt stable and strong. I just can't get over how hard a TGU with a 12kg was when I first tried it. Now I am using the 20kg. Goes to show that practice pays off.

Today will be some intervals out back with the rope and snatches. I have been in the sun all day so it is going to take some motivation to get back out there.

HeadSTRONG Athletics is coming together quite nicely. I have some more pieces to the puzzle to get started with confidence but everything is working out great. I have set up an event at Pomegranate Bookstore for August 28th. This will be my first speaking engagement so I am a bit nervous. I am in the process of getting the format together now.


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Flow Drills

Tried something a little different today. I combined a few moves into one long drill. Some call them flow drills (AOS). Here is what it looked like...all done with 2 12kgs:

A. 4 sets, 1 minute rest between sets
1. Double Turkish Get-up X1
2. Double Swings X10
3. Double Clean and Squat and See Saw Press X5
4. Double Swings X10
5. Racked Turkish Get-Down X1
6. Lay there and wonder how to get up again. Just kidding, but it was hard!

B. 3 sets, , 30 sec. rest between sets
5 reps each side
1. Snatch to top
2. Windmill
3. Lower to racked position
4. Repeat
5. Plank 1 minute hard style after R/L sets

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Backyard Blitz

3 Sets:
1A. Clean/Shoulder Sandbag Lunges 5 ea. leg
1B. Pullups on Training Board (Fingers only) 3 reps
1C. Clean and Zercher Squat 10 reps
1D. Pinwheel (Side Plank in between) Pushups 10 reps
1E. Swings Transfers 16kg/10ea.
2 Sets:
2A. Turkish Get Ups 16kg/3 reps consecutive

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Quick Post

6/21/08 Strength
4 Sets:
1A. Tactical Lunges 12kg 20 reps
1B. 1H Bent Over Rows 20kg/4 reps ea.
1C. Front Squats 12kg X 2/8 reps
1D. Clean and Press 12kg X 2/5 reps
1E. 2H Swings 20 kg 15 reps
2. Plank 3 Sets 1 minute ea. Elbow, Hands, Side Hand

Tabata Protocol 4 Rounds (Loving this!)
1. Swing Variation
2. Jumping Jacks and Burpees
3. Snatches
4. Swing Variation

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tabata Day

I have been doing interval training for almost a year...strictly. This is a big change for me from the days of walking, running, rowing etc. And I can honestly say, my body feels so much better now that I am not pounding pavement anymore. I tried out the Tabata Protocol today...not too much different than what I was doing but I stuck to the rules with today's routine. 20 sec. on, 10 sec. off.

Round 1: Swing Variations 16kg
Round 2: Alternating Snatches and Squat Catch
Round 3: Alternating Squat Jumps and Pushups
Round 4: Swing Variations 16kg
Various rest periods between sets dealing with a 1 1/2 year old.

I have really been training pretty consistently despite the lack of posts. A typical strength session will look something like this:
1. Clean and Squat 5-8 reps
2. 1 side Press 3-5 reps
3. Swings 20-30 reps
4. Pullups 4-6 reps
Get Ups, Windmills, Power Wheel or Hanging leg raises (whatever is calling me for the day.)

I have also been having fun with my heavy rope (50ft., 1 1/2 in.) a got from What an ass kicker. I still get smoked doing 25 sec. If you haven't ever used one, check out John Brookfield does an excellent job teaching if you ever get lucky enough to attend a workshop.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Battling Ropes

I spent all day yesterday in Pinehurst, NC with some friends getting our Battling Ropes Certification. OH my goodness! Never knew ropes could hurt so bad. Talk about taxing your heart. John Brookfield was an awesome teacher, not to mention a strong dude. He blew all of us younger peeps out of the water when it came to strength endurance. I can see the carryover this type of training has into sport and firefighting. Hopefully I will be able to introduce it to the athletes and departments in the Wilmington area. Here are some pics and clips from the day:

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Buffet of Practice

Since getting back from RKC I should be a little more organized with my own practice. But I am not and I don't feel like being so structured right now. I am not training for anything particular so until I feel differently I will just stick to my buffet of movements. Spontaneity is beautiful.

Recent Practice:

3 sets each (rest between supersets):
1A. 2H Swings 20kg X 10 reps
1B. C & S 16kg X 5 reps
2A. Same as 1A.
2B. C & P 16kg X 4 reps
3. Countdown Ladder of 1H Snatches. 10 to 0. Took around 6 1/2 minutes. 12kg.

30 sec. sprints X 10

Today: No kettlebells...they are all at the gym and I don't want to go back.)
3 sets each.
1A. Pistols (Assisted by tubing) 3/3
1B. Rock Bottom Pullups 4
2A. Burpee(Pushup, Hop) 10
2B. Spiderman Pushups 20

Thursday, May 1, 2008


RKC has turned by head backwards. I thought for sure I wanted to stick with one on one training. It is what I love to do. But now I see such potential in group classes. I can reach so many more people and introduce them to the world of kettlebells. I know it sounds a bit corny. This is something I feel I need to share...especially with the deconditioned. It is a powerful and efficient way to train your mind and body. So I have been brainstorming to figure out how to start my new path.

In the meantime:
Yesterday: Off
Today was short and sweet:
1A. Hindu Squats 30 reps
1B. Hindu Pushups 10
1C. Pullups on Training Board (Wide big grip) 4
Superset with 1 minute rest between sets. 4 rounds.

Here is a video of our Graduation Workout:

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

RKC Instructor

I did it. I am officially an RKC Instructor. This weekend was one that will go down in history for me as being one of the best. It was physically and mentally such a challenge but worth every penny. One of the highlights of the weekend was winning all 3 categories of the Technique Contest (there were around 65 students there.) Soon after we had our Graduation workout so my ego was not allowed to take over. Along with my comrades, I was knocked over and pushed past limits to really test myself.

After talking with Tommy I have decided to go back to Minnesota to attend Grey Cook's CK Functional Movement Screening Workshop for another certification.

I told myself I wasn't going to touch a KB for a week but just couldn't help myself.

Today's workout all with 16 kg (4 sets):
1A. 2H Swings 20 reps
1B. One sided Clean & Squat 5R/5L
1C. 2H Swings 20 reps
1D. One sided Clean and Press 4R/4L

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Last Snatch Paractice

Doing snatch practice today. After this I am not touching a kb until I get to Minnesota.

12kg: 10R/L, 20, 30 reps
16kg 7R/L
12kg 25R/L, 15
16kg 5R/L
Total snatches ea. side: 112

My forearms and hands are still so tight after each set. I am a little concerned about not making the transfer after one side during the test. My hand is on there like a claw that won't let go. I am planning on doing the test the first day so if there are any kinks in my snatch they will just have to be worked out afterwards.

Farewell and wish me luck. Shawn

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Getting Ready for RKC

Few days of Practice:

Friday's Practice:
Half a deck of cards workout: Burpees, Pushups, Frog Hops, Swings

Alternated between
1. 30 sec. 2H Swings 16kg
2. 1 minute of 1H Snatches (started with 16, finished with 12kg)
6 Rounds with 30 sec. rest between each.

Swing Intervals with Shan
30 sec. on 30 sec. rest X 10 sets

Worked my butt off in the garden. Harder than any workout. Abs are sore today.

with Mary
First Round:
1. Swings 15 reps 20 kg
2. Clean and Squat 5 reps 16 kg
3. Swings
4. Clean and Press 5 reps
5. Swings
6. Snatches 10 reps with 16kg
7. Swings
8. TGU's 3 reps with 16 kg
9. Swings

Round 2
Same exercises but switched Clean and Squat and Swings (concentrated on C & S instead)
Kicked my butt.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Day Off for Cheeseburger

While enjoying my burger at lunch I decided to just skip working out today. My hands are beat up and I know that picking up a kb today is just going to destroy them. So I will file them tonight, rest today, and work hard tomorrow. I plan on heading up to Little Washington to visit my best friend Tina. Plan on taking the kbs and teaching her how to swing too. Spread the fever a bit.

Yesterday's practice with Mary:
4 Intervals of:
1. 20 1H swings (10 ea.) 12 kg
2. Rope Pull Mes (Tug of War) 30 sec.
3. Squat Catch 10 reps 12 kg
4. 2H Swings 10 reps 20kg

Plus some various strength work indoors with Mary.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sixteen Kilograms

I have never even done a 1 Hand Swing with a 16kg, nor have I ever thought about of snatching it. Since my RKC requirements were to snatch the 12kg 54 times that was what I focused on. But since giving up nursing I have gone up in weight by about 4 lbs. which is just 2 lbs. away from upping my numbers to 64 total. This made me a bit nervous since my grip/forearms feel like they are going to explode at 25 ea. hand. So today I decided to tackle the 16kg. One thing is for sure makes the 12kg feel like a feather!

Today's practice:
Light Z warm up
4 sets X 10reps ea. Hand with 16 kg
1 set X 8 reps ea. hand with 16 kg (grip was giving out...couldn't hold on)
5 sets X 10 reps ea. hand with 12 kg
Power Wheel / Hanging leg raises later in day

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bad Post Record

Ok, so my posting record has stunk lately but my training carries on. Got less than a month until RKC and I am so excited! I feel pretty ready strength wise. I just worry that 3 days of training straight is going to kill me. I rarely find 3 days straight now that I can train. I have put on a few pounds of muscle since bumping up the weights. This was unintentional but I am not complaining. It will help in April.

Today is Tommy's birthday. We started out going down to Oak Island to go skydiving (him, not me...been there, don't need to go again now that Kai is here.) Unfortunately, they cancelled due to high winds. So he is out back trying to put up his new climbing training board. I love it when he gets cool training gifts that I can use too.

Todays Practice: Felt awesome today
Indo Board 2 minutes
Z warm up, pump, halos
Swing intervals. 20 reps X 10 sets, 16kg. 30 sec. rest b/w sets.
1A. Clean Squat Press 3 sets X 5 reps ea., 16kg
1B. Pullups/Chin Ups/Close Grip 1 set ea. X 5 reps (slow)
2A. Get ups 2 sets X 3 ea. 16 kg (continuous)
2B. Plank 1 minute X 2 sets

Time to plant the garden.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Snatch Day

It has been a while since my last post. I have been trying to get started on construction of my gym. Tom and I are building one in the backyard (nicknamed the poolhouse for the sake of the neighbors). So every second I have to spare has been spent on that. I have been staying on schedule and really trying to practice my snatches. Every time I think I have it down, I start to muck it up again. So on with the practice. Today:

Snatches with 12kg 10/10, 12/12, 14/14, 16/16, 18/18, 20/20 My forearms are blown by the end of this. I could barely hold on for the last few. At the end they (and my hands) look like I have been plowing the field all day.
Practiced some cleans
2H Swings 16kg 10 with 10 seconds rest X 5 sets.

Can't believe I will be at RKC next month. Can't wait.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Practice, Practice, Practice

I am really starting to get in the groove with snatches. Did some quick intervals today to get the ticker ticking:

3sets ea. with 12kg. No rest between SS
1a. High Row 10 ea.
1b. Burpee Hops 10

2a. Snatches 10 ea.
2b. Hopping Pushups (Plyos) 20 (you could probably only slide a sheet of paper between my hands and the floor but I still counted them.)

Back to what pays the bills.....

Monday, January 28, 2008

Workout #3

Today was workout #3...focus on Clean and Squats. I unfortunately took off the last three days over the weekend. Just couldn't get myself to pick up a kb.

Today: Did Z in morning and short one before workout
2 Circuits
All C & S done with 12kg for 6 rep ea. side.
1. C & S
2. Swings 16kg 25 reps
3. C & S
4. C & Press 16kg 4 reps (4th was very tough...had to cheat a little with the legs)
5. C & S
6. TGUs 12kg 5 ea.
7. C & S
8. Snatch 12kg 16 reps
9. C & S

Yesterday. Full Z...lovin my Z Drills. I can really tell my body is balancing out more.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Shoulder Practice

I am suprised I could raise my arm at dinner tonight after today's workout. I am not sore at all (not yet, at least) but my arms are quite tired. Workout felt great...this is #2 on the Brett Jones plan.

All C and Ps done with 12kg for 6 reps ea. Did circuit 2 times
1. Clean and Press
2. Swings 16kg 20 reps
3. C and P
4. Clean and Front Squat (1H) 12kg 8 reps ea. side
5. C and P
6. TGUs 16kg 3 reps
7. C and P
8. Snatches 12 kg 15 reps ea.
9. C and P

Took about 17 minutes per circuit. Very little rest in between sets. Forearms are a little bruised. I've never done so many cleans in one workout before.

Yesterday's conditioning:
6 rounds
1.5 minutes hard jump rope with 10 squat thrusts back to back. Enough rest in between to catch breath

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Brett Jones to the Rescue

Someone upstairs must have been listening because my wishes were answered while reading the latest issue of Hard Style. Brett Jones laid out a training plan that focuses on RKC prep. So I am leaving my plan in the dust and following his instead. I figure he is where he is for a reason. So today I did workout #1 which focuses on swings. I started thinking it was going to be no big deal. "Do 1-3 cicuits" he said, "5-8 reps" he said. Well, 2 circuits was enough! And I stuck to 5-6 reps for everything except swings. I feel great now that its over but wow, didn't think it would kick my tail that much.

Cicuit Style: 30 sec. between sets, all done with 12kg
1. 2H Swings 30 first set, 20 second set
2. Clean and Press 6 reps
3. Swings
4. Clean and Front Squat (1 sided)
5. Swings
6. TGU 5 ea.
7. Swings
8. Snatches
9. Swings
Each set took about 17:30 min. 5 min. between circuits to regroup and remind myself why I put myself through this. LOVE IT!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Ice Cube Training

Spent part of today's workout outside in the freezing weather with my friend Katie. She is a great training partner due to her uncanny ability to push my buttons and push me physically. It was her first time with kbs so I was teaching a bit too. I went a little lighter today (didn't want to show you up, Katie...Ha!) Here was our workout:

1a. Overhead carries, Rack caries, farmer walks...all one min. ea. on R/L
1b. Swings: 3 sets

2a. Front Squat with OH Press- 1 side
2b. Pushup with a partner hand shake in between
3a. Squat Thrust with a kb catch
3b. One sided Renegade Rows (one person in plank, other person using them as a bench...leaning)
4a. Push Me 1min (traded off who gave more resistance)
4b. Inchworm and Crabwalks
5. Get Ups 3 ea. side

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Walks and Swings

Grip Strength galore!!!!!!!!! My forearms are swollen right now after finishing today's practice.
Full Z in morning:

All with 16kg zero to minimal rest in between sets:
1A. 1H Overhead Carry 1 min right/1 min. left
1H Rack Carry 1 min R/1 min L
1H Farmer Walk 1 min R/ 1 min L
1B. 2H Swings 20 reps X 5 sets
Repeat 1A. and 1B.
Total of 200 swings
Lats are feeling it!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Working the Plan

Today's Practice:
1. Snatches 12kg 15/15 3 sets
2a. Front Lunge with 1 Arm Overhead Press 12kg 6/6 3 sets
2b. Alternating Leg pushups 10 3 sets
3a. Windmills 12kg(top) 5/5 1 set
3b. Get ups 12kg 5/5 1 set
Planning on finishing the last two sets of #3 later today.

Monday, January 14, 2008

The Plan

I realized today that I need a good plan for RKC. Although I am practicing regularly again, I still don't feel as focused as I could be. So I am going to take the KISS approach and be efficient and consistent. One thing I do know is that I need a bit of flexibility. I am not real good at setting a weekly schedule. I just know what needs to get done and I do it when I can. So today I started out with Strength.

1. Pullups 3 X 5 sets
2a. One sided front squat 16kg 5ea./3
2b. One arm overhead press 16kg 4/3
3a. Squat Thrusts with Hike up 16kg 10/2
3b. Hindu Pushups 5/2
I wanted to get 3 sets for #3s but nap time for Kai was over too quick and I had to go back to work
If anyone knows what 3a. is actually called let me know...its when you up row the bell and catch it.

Next training will concentrate on conditioning with swings and snatches. Until then I will be working on my plan.

PS.. Welcome back Mari

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Back on Attack

Finally back to a normal workout schedule although I have not taken the time to post it. During the move (of houses) I was finding it hard to juggle everything. The workouts got put on the back burner for about 2 weeks while we painted and got things settled. When I did get back to training, putting it on the web was just not going to happen. So here I am...back on attack...trying to get ready for RKC in April. I made my reservations so I am locked in. Now I just have to hope not to get pregnant before I go.

So here is today:
2H Swings 16kg 20/5
2H Swings 16kg 10/5
light jogs around the pool in between sets
150 total

One Arm Press 16kg 4/2 sets
Get Ups 12kg 5/2 ea.
Plank 1 min/3 sets