Monday, October 29, 2007

What weekend?

Spent most of today running around to doctor's offices for Tommy's knee. Everything is looking good and Dr. Boyd is really pleased with the surgery. I feel like this weekend flew by and my days are a bit mixed up because I am not working today. Not much more to report.

Todays workout:
Z Warmup
Halos and Pumps
1A. Burpee Squats 2X8 12kg (Hold for 5 sec at bottom)
1B. Clean and Press 2 X 5 12 kg
2A. Pistols 2 X 2 12kg
2B. Pull-ups 2 X 4 slow
2H Swings 4X30 12kg

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Late Session

With Tom on the couch healing and me scooting around town trying to run errands (and party with friends a little) I didn't have much time to train. So I got a light practice in at 8 tonight.

Getups 5R/5L 12kg
1A. 1 Leg/1 Arm (Opposites) Deadlift 2 X 6 12 kg
1B. Side Press 2 X 5 12 kg
2A. Front Squat 2 X 10 12kg
2B. Russian Twist 2 X 8 12 kg
2H Swings 4 X 20 12 kg 30 sec. rest between sets

Friday, October 26, 2007

Day at the Hospital

Well, not husband Tom got ACL surgery today so I ended up waiting the the hospital most of the day. Gave me lots of time to think about business. I am rereading How to Win Friends and Influence of the best books of all time. Whenever I feel like my communication skills are slipping, this is always a good way to get back to the root of kindness and doing for others.

There will be no working out today. Hopefully I will finish off the day with some Z after getting him home and settled (probably 9:30 tonight).

Thursday, October 25, 2007

First Post

Here is my first post to this site. I have been persuaded to get a website established so this will be the prelude to a true web page.

I have recently started getting familiar with kettlebells, a russian cast iron weight that lo
oks like a cannonball. It is used to strengthen and condition the body like no other single piece of equipment. From the moment I landed on I was hooked. I know it sounds nerdy but I couldn't even sleep until my kb arrived. I even signed up for a workshop in Clayton, NC at Woodall's Fitness Training (instructed by Tim Anderson) before I ever held the bell. After going to the workshop and practicing (alot) I am now comfortable enough to use them with my clients. The next logical step was to spend a mortgage payment on the Russain Kettlebell Cetification. So come next April, I hope to be an RKC and training the lucky people of Wilmington with more confidence than ever before.

Today's practice:
1A. Pistols 3 sets X 2 (8kg)
1B. Single arm Snatches 3 sets X10 ea. (12 kg) (still learning how not to bang up my forearm)

That's it for today (so far). My body needs a day of rest. I lied...this is in addition to the above. I ended up doing a little more yesterday than expected.

More practice:
1A. Pull-ups 4 sets X 4 (2 chin-up grip, 2 pull-up grip)
1B. Pistols 2 sets X 2 (25 lbs!!!!!!!!!) (couldn't believe I could pull this off)

Z-Drills at night...felt good to finish the day like this.