Sunday, December 9, 2007

Swing Baby

Friday Off Packing

Quick Swing Workout
Halos and Pumps
2 Handed Swings 12kg X 20 5 sets
2 Handed Swings 16kg 20 X 5 sets
200 Total
20 sec. rest between sets

Sunday Off Packing

Friday, December 7, 2007

One week to go

Even though I don't work on Fridays I am finding it hard to sleep in for some reason. Especially with everything that's going on. My mind just start racing with whatever the latest exciting venture is. This, being the start of the last week in our house, is kind of a bittersweet feeling. I am sad to leave the neighbors at Shell Road and our little cottage has the best vibes. Don't know what it is but I have always thought our house has good karma. But, oh my, to have a big back yard is going to take the cake. It will be so fun to build forts and sandboxes and swim in the pool whenever we feel like it. Tommy is convinced we are going to have a zip line coming off the house into the pool. That may be a bit drastic but I am sure we can rig something up with the trees.

Well, good thing I got some good workouts in this week. Don't know what the upcoming will hold.

Monday 12/03/07 with Mary:
Shuttle Intervals with kbs:
1 sided farmer walks X 2 with in between sprints
1 sided overhead carries X 2 with sprints
each lasting around 2 min.
rest for 30 sec. in between shuttle
Strength: 2 sets ea.
1A. Bosu Squats (upside down) with med ball pressouts 6-9 lbs/20
1B. Walk Outs-hands to elbows to hands plus pushup 8
2A. Step Ups with 1 hand overhead Press 12kg/6 ea.
2B. Pullups-hold 5 sec. at top and lower slow X 4 (actually jumped up first)
3A. Jumping Lunges 10ea.
3B. Side Twisting Plank
4A. Swings-one handed-8kg/15 ea.
4B. Can't remember
More core work

Tuesday 12/04/07 Kai 15 months today
1. Step Hop Overs 1 min. X 3
2. Quick Steps 1 min. X 2
alternating between top 2
3. Hop ups with step in between feet 30 sec. X 2

Thursday: 12/06/07
Strength: 2 sets ea. kind of light (lower back still a bit tender)
1A. Squat See-saw press 8kg/8 ea.
1B. Renegade Rows (DBs) 25 lb. /10 ea., 30lbs./8 ea.
2A. Burpee plus Up row 16kg/10 Quick
2B. Pullups 4
3A. Pistols 12lb. ball X 3 ea.
3B. KB chest press-one sided-on ball 16kg/5
4A. Ball Balance 2 min.
4B. Ribbons 12kg/8 ea. way
Plank: Elbows 1 min. straight to Hands for 1 min. X 1

Today: Don't know yet...have to pack...hope to get in some intervals

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Memory Loss and Politics

Although I have not written this week...I have worked out...just forgot what days and what I did. Just been one of those weeks that goes by fast and I can't remember what I did. Hope to be better next week.

Just read up on presidential candidate Ron Paul. I really like what he represents...change like no other. Like it so much that I donated to his campaign. That is something I never thought I would do. I usually distrust politicians. Please take the time to see what he is all about.