Saturday, May 24, 2008

Battling Ropes

I spent all day yesterday in Pinehurst, NC with some friends getting our Battling Ropes Certification. OH my goodness! Never knew ropes could hurt so bad. Talk about taxing your heart. John Brookfield was an awesome teacher, not to mention a strong dude. He blew all of us younger peeps out of the water when it came to strength endurance. I can see the carryover this type of training has into sport and firefighting. Hopefully I will be able to introduce it to the athletes and departments in the Wilmington area. Here are some pics and clips from the day:

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Buffet of Practice

Since getting back from RKC I should be a little more organized with my own practice. But I am not and I don't feel like being so structured right now. I am not training for anything particular so until I feel differently I will just stick to my buffet of movements. Spontaneity is beautiful.

Recent Practice:

3 sets each (rest between supersets):
1A. 2H Swings 20kg X 10 reps
1B. C & S 16kg X 5 reps
2A. Same as 1A.
2B. C & P 16kg X 4 reps
3. Countdown Ladder of 1H Snatches. 10 to 0. Took around 6 1/2 minutes. 12kg.

30 sec. sprints X 10

Today: No kettlebells...they are all at the gym and I don't want to go back.)
3 sets each.
1A. Pistols (Assisted by tubing) 3/3
1B. Rock Bottom Pullups 4
2A. Burpee(Pushup, Hop) 10
2B. Spiderman Pushups 20

Thursday, May 1, 2008


RKC has turned by head backwards. I thought for sure I wanted to stick with one on one training. It is what I love to do. But now I see such potential in group classes. I can reach so many more people and introduce them to the world of kettlebells. I know it sounds a bit corny. This is something I feel I need to share...especially with the deconditioned. It is a powerful and efficient way to train your mind and body. So I have been brainstorming to figure out how to start my new path.

In the meantime:
Yesterday: Off
Today was short and sweet:
1A. Hindu Squats 30 reps
1B. Hindu Pushups 10
1C. Pullups on Training Board (Wide big grip) 4
Superset with 1 minute rest between sets. 4 rounds.

Here is a video of our Graduation Workout: