Thursday, August 28, 2008

Battling the Energy Suckage

Besides seeing two lines on my stick, there is only one other issue that is reminding me of my pregnancy. Lack of energy. I remember this well from the first go round. Wake up and making it through morning session, only to be greeted by an energy suckage after lunch time. This is why I have only worked out 2 times in the past week. Even when I finally find time and get going, my heart rate is higher, recovery slower, and I just feel like stopping mid way through the workout. Think my body is trying to tell me something?

It is extremely important not to get overheated during pregnancy, especially the first trimester. Temperatures about 102.6 degrees F can increase the risk of central nervous system abnormalities in the fetus. This takes me back to a 100 degree day last pregnancy when I went walking with a friend. Although my son turned out just fine, I just knew I should have stayed home that day. I was completely hot and exhausted. Smart girl doing a stupid thing.

So today's practice was as follows: 3 Rounds
1. 1H, 2 KB Deadlift (in center hang position) 12kg X 2, 8 reps each.
2. Renegade Rows with a Pushup 20 lb dbs, 4 ea.
3. Clean and Press 12kg, 5 reps ea.
4. Swings 2H, 16kg, 15 reps
And pooped out.

Weight: 131.0 lbs.

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